Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heads up!

I don't have a recipe box. I have recipe books that I rarely use, but mostly I have about 1,000 bookmarks in Google Chrome that I have to search through to find something I want. Lately I've taken to jotting stuff down in a cute little spiral notebook. The problem is, I used to use it for a journal. So somewhere between my Extreme Chocolate Cookie recipe and the notes I have written down for altitude adjustments is a 5 page long multi-colored missive about a guy that goes from pathetic to hopeful to truly ugly. 
Who wants to read recipes around this? No one. Not even me.
Somehow, I just don't feel like I should hand that to anyone when I want to share a recipe. 

I want something I can 1) add to easily 2) share easily 3) change easily (I hate scratching out and re-writing on cards) and 4) use to link to original content. So few of my recipes are truly my own. I mostly copy and adapt others and want to be able to share them with others in case you don't think my version is perfect. (Hint - it's not!) Pictures will be bonuses. My photographic skills aren't exceptional - I frequently have issues with the ISO and graininess - but sometimes it works. At the very least, they give you an idea of what my process and food look like along the way.

Sometime soon - a couple notes about how I cook and write. I have my own kitchen shorthand because I've been cooking for awhile. I know what it means to use the creaming method. You might not. I'll probably just link to an Alton Brown video for that. He explains way better than I do. 

Welcome. This won't get updated as often as it should. It won't always be well written or even understandable to anyone but me. Most of the time there will be no background or stories, just recipes and notes. But since I'm doing this for me, I think that's okay. 

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