Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have a bit of a crafty side...

This technically happened in my kitchen so I think it's fair game to post here.

Michael's is having a sale on scrapbook paper and I went a little crazy tonight. See, I like putting different papers into cheap frames because it's an easy and inexpensive way to add color to my massive white walls. (Ironically, I tend to like white frames.) They also make cool little message boards with dry erase markers. When the sheets that are normally $.59 are on sale for $.14 each, it's time to stock up. Holiday themed, seasonal, color themed - whatever it is, I bought it. 

I loved this multi-colored stripe, but it didn't really go well with any other sheets I picked up and is too busy to use as a whiteboard background. I had found this great frame with pieces that slide around. You can cut up one big picture to make a puzzle, use different pictures for a mosaic, or do what I did. I cut 8 consecutive pieces of the paper and put them in the frame in order. I figure I can switch it around a lot and give people a little puzzle to work on when they come over. Of course when I placed the tiles, I had the frame turned around wrong and it got messed up when turned up. The turquoise stripe is supposed to go vertical with the blank square at the top left. 

The challenge will be to get not only the stripe right, but the matching sides right. 

This should be fun.  


  1. That's cool! Love the unique frame!

    1. Thanks. I got it over a year ago at a yard sale or second hand store somewhere. I tried finding pictures of each of my nieces and nephews that would fit well but never did. And then I tried to decide which picture would work to get a big print and cut up...but never did. So here we are!


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